Motor Home Insurance in Indiana

There is a difference between taking care of a motor home or RV and taking care of your vehicle. This is why you shouldn’t insure your motorhome with your auto insurance policy. We offer many coverage options for motorhomes here at Victorious Family Insurance in Plainfield IN. You can choose the appropriate coverage depending on the class that your motorhome belongs to as well as other determining factors.

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Motorhome Insurance Requirements

In the state of Indiana, all drivers must have insurance, and this includes motorhome owners. This means that if you own a motorhome, you must at least obtain liability for protection purposes. However, higher limits are always recommended to protect you further against accident-related damages and losses. Additionally, there are certain campgrounds that may require all motorhomes to show proof of insurance. If you finance your motorhome, your lender may even require insurance.

Coverage Options

You may obtain standard camper coverage that provides motorhome coverage for both collision and comprehensive. This means that if your motorhome gets damaged due to an accident with another vehicle, or due to weather, theft, or even vandalism, all repairs will be covered.

You may also choose to obtain specialized motorhome coverage that takes care of all the following:

  • Roadside assistance- covers dead batters, flat tires, etc.
  • Total loss replacement- which is typically only available to motorhomes that are untitled and not older than a year
  • Custom equipment- covers exteriors and interiors that are upgraded
  • Vacation liability- covers injury and damage while you are using your RV as a home temporarily
  • Personal effects- covers all of your belongings within the RV


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