Motorcycle Insurance in Indiana

The state of Indiana can boast a great motorcycle culture. In total, there are over 204,000 registered motorcycles in the state, and motorcyclists like the Hoosier State for its flat Midwestern terrain. It is important to remember though that in order to cruise around on your motorbike, it is required to carry proper motorcycle insurance.

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Things You Should Know About Motorcycle Insurance:

  • In order to register and title your motorcycle, it is required to purchase a motorcycle insurance policy.
  • Indiana is an “at-fault” state, meaning that you will be responsible for covering all medical costs or property damages exceeding the motorcycle insurance limits
  • It is required to have proof of your motorcycle insurance with you in order to show it to a law enforcement officer or other officials if requested.
  • The cost of motorcycle insurance depends on certain factors, including the age and gender of a motorcycle owner, driving records, claims history, motorcyclist’s credit score, annual mileage, location, and some others.
  • The insurance rates also depend on the type of motorcycle you have. For example, since a sports bike was designed for high-speed riding, it will cost more to insure it.

Having proper motorcycle insurance is the requirement of the Hoosier State, and riding without is considered to be illegal. Therefore, if you are a motorcycle owner, you have to purchase a motorcycle insurance policy to protect you and other people on the road. If you are currently searching for this type of insurance, Victorious Family Insurance in Plainfield, IN is ready to help. Our experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents will find you a perfect policy based on your budget, personal requirements, and needs. Feel free to give Victorious Family Insurance in Plainfield, IN a call and talk to one of our specialists.