Umbrella Insurance in Indiana

Having umbrella coverage can provide you with peace of mind by offering extra protection in case of a major accident or lawsuit. This additional coverage can also help you feel more comfortable and secure about your financial future.

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What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Property Damage Liability

If you get into an accident and your auto insurance limit gets exhausted, umbrella insurance will pay for the damage caused. This means paying for other parties’ repair and replacement costs on vehicles and property damage.

Bodily Injury Liability

Umbrella insurance will also protect you when your underlying covers can no longer pay for 3rd party injuries. Examples that may result in such bodily injury include instances when your guests get injured while visiting your Indiana home when you cause an accident, or your pet injures your guests.

Lawsuit Claims

Lawsuits claims can come from several instances, with some examples that umbrella insurance can pay for, including slander, libel, and rental unit claims. If you also get sued for false arrest, malicious prosecution, or mental anguish, umbrella insurance will cover you.

What Is Not Covered by Umbrella Insurance?

Business Losses

Losses that occur during business operations are not covered by umbrella insurance. Any business liability that you incur will require you to purchase a separate coverage option.

Personal Injuries and Property Damage

Injuries and damage to your personal property will also not be covered by umbrella insurance but will call for personal insurance.

Intentional Acts of Harm

Like every coverage option, umbrella insurance also excludes coverage when you cause any criminal or intentional acts of bodily harm or property damage to other parties’ possessions.

Liability You Assume Under Contract

The liability assumed under contract is also not covered by umbrella insurance, whether written or oral.

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